We welcome you to participate in our weekly Fellowship Night on Wednesdays

from 5:45 p.m to 7:30 p.m.


The evening will begin with a meal followed by a time of fun together and conversation around the Word of God. It's a night that'll be enjoyable for all ages. Bring your Bibles, friends and family.


If you have questions regarding this event, please contact the church office at 831-373-3289 or email Pastor Nate at naterehn@yahoo.com.


To assist with the cost of the meal, a small donation of $3 per person and $10 per family is requested.
Should you have difficulty contributing this amount, you're welcome to participate and enjoy the meal nonetheless.


Study Guides and Questionnaires

Week 1 Introduction
                Week 1 assignment
                Complete Questionnaire

Week 2:  Pathway Week 2

Week 3:  Pathway Week 3

Week 4:  Pathway Week 4

Week 5:  Pathway Week 5

Week 6:  Pathway Week 6

Week 7:  Pathway Week 7

Week 8: Pathway Week 8

Week 10: Pathway Week 10

Week 11: Pathway Week 11

Week 12: Pathway Week 12