Weakness and Power II

Weakness and Power I

Pastor Nate continues our study in the book of John, introducing chapter 5, examining how the witnesses of John, the Father, the works and the word provide for us a better understanding of Christ's power and purpose in ministry.

Majestic Power

We cannot obey the command of God without the power of God infusing us to do so. In this study Pastor Nate examines the healing at the pool of Bethesda, teaching us how other-than-us Jesus truly is - unbridled, unexplainable, majestic power.   

In the face of overwhelming needs, we are inadequate. It's not ok to be inadequate, it's the only way to be. The reality is, the sooner we admit we are inadequate, the sooner we're able to find the one who has the solutions and the power.

House of Mercy

Continuing the study through John, chapter 4, we examine how God works His power through us to do what He has called us to do. We have a responsibility, we have to change, He works in us, but calls us to work under the power that He gives.

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