A Brief History of Our Church:

First Baptist Church of Monterey was founded by a small group of Christians who were hungry to have their own local church. In the past they had traveled to Salinas to attend a church that fit their convictions, but this grew taxing on their time and resources, and so they began to meet together for prayer right here in their own city! The group began to grow, and by April of 1910, a young lady named Bessie McKim decided to organize a Sunday School to care for and teach the young children of those who attended the prayer meetings. God continued to bless the group and more and more members were added to their numbers. With that in mind the group decided to take the next logical step: They held their first service! That was more than one-hundred years ago in May, 1910! Reverend Walter Tanner became the first pastor of this little group of believers and pastored them for some time. The church is now with its fourteenth pastor, Pastor Nathan Rehn,  and in its second building. We are grateful for all of God’s many blessings throughout the years, and for using this little church to bless the people both here in Monterey, and all over this wonderful world! Thousands of people have heard the life saving gospel of Jesus Christ through this church, and many hundreds more have been baptized and discipled through our various ministries. We still teach the little children the precious word of God and preach the Bible with the same conviction as Miss Bessie, and Reverend Walter did over one-hundred years ago!